Apr 27 – 28, 2022
Digital Conference
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Program


The program of the OHCG 2022 can be found under the tab 'Timetable' (click here)


Session 01 -        Pathogen-host-environment interactions

Related topics: Novel and emerging infectious diseases; pathogen reservoirs; species barriers; pathogen entry, pathways, and replication; immunology (or host immune responses to emerging zoonotic pathogens), microbiota; ecology and environmental science; impact of climate change; anthropogenic factors.


Session 02 -        Past, present, and future of zoonotic events

Related topics: evolution of emerging pathogens; pan-/epidemic preparedness; immunology; infection epidemiology; prediction and surveillance; One Health social science; community health; methodological approaches.


Session 03 -        Antimicrobial resistance, vaccinology, and prevention

Related topics: Translational infectiology (vaccines, therapies, anti-infectives); origins of AMR, development and spread of resistance to anti-infectives; AMR reservoirs and geographic dissemination; AMR surveillance, AMR epidemiology in environmental, aquatic, health care, and wildlife issues; AMR therapies and anti-infectives; One Health-based solutions for AMR; preventive measures.