1st Conference on Sustainability and Data
Connecting Perspectives Between Practicioners and Researchers

Virtual Conference, September 12

2023 marks the midpoint of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as it was established in 2015 through the UN General Assembly. The 2030 Agenda aims at fulfilling a series of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that address three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental.

Sustainability data is an important component in measuring, monitoring, and benchmarking each country’s progress in fulfilling the SDGs. As a result, organizations in both public and private sectors began to measure their sustainability performance digitally, ranging from organizational carbon footprint, energy consumption, gender diversity, and equal pay, to employment and financial results. Meanwhile, challenges also start to emerge in the governance, management, and handling of sustainability data, raising questions for practitioners and researchers who work at the intersection of sustainability and data.

The 1st Conference on Sustainability and Data (S&D) is a platform that brings together sustainability and IT researchers, managers, and policymakers to share their experiences and challenges in working with sustainability data and to discuss concepts, practices, and processes that are important to making the SDGs more operationalizable. More specifically, the 1st S&D conference emphasizes the important role of the digital in implementing the SDGs, both from the perspective of sustainability data and the impact of digital solutions on sustainability.

We, at the IT University of Copenhagen and the University of Münster, invite you to be part of the conversation with sustainability and IT researchers, managers, and policy makers who work with the governance, strategy, and management of sustainability data. The 1st S&D conference takes an interdisciplinary perspective on the implementation of SDGs, and resonates with the week of the 2023 SDG Summit at the UN headquarters in New York to remind decision-makers of tangible innovative data solutions and challenges.  The conference takes the format of a dialog by bringing practitioners and researchers together under different topics, jointly reflecting on the existing discourses, practices, and transformative possibilities around sustainability data.

We are looking forward to this day!

Your Organizers,

Dr. Cancan Wang – for the Department of Business IT at the IT University of Copenhagen

Dr. Lea Püchel – for the Digital Innovation and Public Sector Institute at the University of Münster


The conference is also part of the research project Integrated Data for ESG Analytics (IDEA) for Fintech at the IT University of Copenhagen.